Relic01: S - untitled LP1:

An avantgarde effort to transform autumnal process of not-only-mental autolysis of Melancholy into the music by depicting few of its profound shades through experimental mixture in which one could find jazz/rock/black metal-like ingredients without being entwined in any concrete concept. Performed on bass guitar and clarinet supported by drums and "oppressive" vocals with Polish lyrics expressing gnostic-rooted nihilism and its poetical extracts.
First untitled full-lengh consisting of six tracks spanning 37 minutes.

8zł/5eur/6$ + postage

Relic02: Strzępy - "Śmierć we mnie, Nicość poza mną":

An attempt to cast a new approach into so called black metal was made on this recording, containing severtity of the genre as well as its melancholic yet furious aura and mixing them with sounds that are rather unfamiliar to its pure vein, but still without being led too far astray from its very core. Lyrically it is an transposition of experience that can be best epitomized by the title of this EP: "Death within me, Nothingness beyond me".
Three tracks of which the one between is a bass improvisation. 18 minutes total.

7zł/4eur/5$ + postage

Relic03: Hebdomas - "Spirytualny defetyzm":

Second demo of furious Death Metal musically feasting on veins of brazilian classics of the genre, especially of Rebaelliun, but also carrying some similarities with Nox and Centurian. Lyrics, written in Polish, concern motifs which can be neatly subscribed to the Gnostic Left Hand Path. Five tracks, 27 minutes length.

8zł/5eur/6$ + postage